Just Mexican Around

Have you ever just sat around your buddies garage or porch drinking a beer and discussing the crazy shit that has happened over the years or the bull shit you just saw on social media? Well, welcome to the Just Mexican Around Podcast, the podcast that will have you yelling and/or talking back to your speakers.

Lupe, Barry, and the Ciz are just 3 buddies that were sitting in the Ciz' garage drinking a beer and shooting the shit and decided that their discussions needed to be broadcast to the masses. After that faithful day the Just Mexican Around Podcast was birthed into this world. You're Welcome...

Now broadcast world wide, you can find the Just Mexican Around Podcast on most podcast platforms such as Apple Podcast, Stitcher Radio, Spotify, TuneIn Radio, just to name a few.


Listen to our Podcast Right Here

The Just Mexican Around Podcast is hosted right here on our website. That means if your not into the app thing, you can listen to our podcast right here on our website.