Our Story

The Just Mexican Around Podcast began when the Ciz dusted some old equipment off and set up a podcast studio in his garage.

One day his buddy Lupe came by the house and saw the podcast set up and wanted to take a picture to make their friend Barry jealous (below right). Not only did it make Barry jealous as he has been wanting to start a podcast of his own, it caused him to drive to the studio in anger. That day we recorded our unaired Episode Zero (below left). with a little work to the garage we brought you the Open Air Studio (below center).

The Just Mexican Around Podcast started out as the Triple B Podcast (Bros, Beers, and Bull Shit) but unfortunately that name was already taken. We needed a name that wasn't common, so JMA was born.

The Open Air Studios

One day the Ciz started talking to his father about creating a podcast for his cigar lounge and began dusting some old equipment off in the garage. A little moving around and some soft chairs later, the Open Air Studio was created.

Meet the Team

Our team consists of a wide range of characters but have one thing in common we are all got some Mexican in us.


Lupe Salas

Co-Host / BeerĀ Corrispondent

Constantly shit talking, Lupe has an uncanny ability to remember the weirdest things, like 90s sitcom story arcs, and music from his high school days.


Barry Gonzales

Co-Host / *%^&# Expert

An avid podcast listener, until they took away listening devices at work, Barry has a lot on his mind that he needs to get out. Oh yeah, He says bad words a lot.



Co-Host / MovieĀ Correspondent

former co-host of The Noob News Podcast. The Ciz can also be heard on The Weekly Herf Podcast with his dad talking about cigars.

Listen to our Podcast

You don't have to have any special apps, you can listen to the Just Mexican Around Podcast right here on our website.