Episode #1: The Shit Show

Just Mexican Around Podcast
Episode #1
“The Shit Show”

In this episode Lupe starts us off talking about licking ass,
We discuss social media shit, We go all old school and shit


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1 thought on “Episode #1: The Shit Show”

  1. I am sure I will not get that hour of my laugh back I spent listening to this podcast#1 , the Shit Show. What can I say about other than at 4:30 am on the morning drive it made me laugh for almost the whole hour. It was great and in addition to what the younger generation misses these days is waiting for the VHS tape to rewind to the beginning and also not having to go to the library for information. Google, Yahoo, Alexa, and even that bitch Siri are the ones doing the thinking these days. P.S. I want to join you as a guest. even though I am not Mexican I know a couple.

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